Amanda K.

Amanda and LucyI am a retired journalist and lifelong animal lover and caregiver who by starting my own pet sitting and dog walking business is finally able to do what I love AND love what I do! And on my terms and to my high standards! (That means my high standards should meet your high standards!)

Having owned, fostered and cared for almost every conceivable domesticated animal you could name, I truly discovered my calling while reporting on the scene of a murder investigation. The murder victim’s dog, Ginger, needed care and rescue. I successfully worked with the local animal control police officer to prevent Ginger, who had suffered some awful injuries in the attack on her owner, from being euthanized and to adopt her myself. (Yes, Ginger eventually recovered and lived a very good life! What a dog!) From that point on I wanted to work exclusively with animals and the people who love them!

If I was going to start a pet care business, I wanted to get it right! That’s why Amanda K. Pet Sitters is insured, bonded and pet first-aid and CPR trained. At Amanda K., we provide our responsible, trustworthy and professional services in the comfort, security and familiarity of your pet’s own environment. We think that is KEY to both your and your pet’s emotional and physical well-being when you’re away from home!

I welcome the opportunity to care for your pets and give them the same love and attention I would give my own.